14 November 2011

Sunday! Queue for food

I am very lucky to live in London and enjoy its wonderful spirit. Londoners have a funny and destinctive rhytm of life. During week everyone is working, full time, part-time, freelance and for free, everyone is very busy. Thursday is the first day when you start to feel the beginning of the weekend. Friday and Saturday are the craziest party days) But as for me, the best day of the week is Sunday. It is a special day, the city is relaxed off its citizens significantly. People are mostly enjoying company of their families and friends. They gather by the trendy food places in long long queues, wearing insane outfits, that are mostly not acceptable by the dress code, during workweek. The picture above is such queue, that I've snooped  this Sunday at Albion restaurant, located right by the coner of my house.  

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